2015: What I Knit

I had a goal of finishing 15 projects in 2015, which was ambitious for me. I finished 11, and I feel good about that. It’s way more than I’ve finished in the years I’ve been knitting seriously. I don’t know whether I have pictures of everything, but let’s see:

  • Tim’s No-Purl Ribbed Scarf 
  • My Celery Cardigan
  • My Baby Genius Burp Cloth
  • Summer Hat for Allie
  • Mom’s Socks
  • My Sweet Jazz Shawl
  • Tim’s Hat
  • My Neck-down Wrap Cardigan
  • My First Turn-A-Square (for Alex)
  • My Second Turn-A-Square (for James)
  • Dad’s Hat



2015: What I Knit

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