Today’s knitting

I finished knitting Tim’s second Boyfriend Watch Cap today, in Dream in Color’s Classy with Cashmere. It’s really soft. 

The question now: what’s next?  January is traditionally knit for yourself month in the knitting world, and I have any number of projects I could take up. I need a hat, for instance. I need to swatch for the Go-To Cardigan, which is the next sweater I’ll knit. I wouldn’t mind another pair of mitts. But I’m also considering what already started project has been marinating in my stash the longest.

One thing, of course, is the log cabin crochet blanket I started for Alex when he was in the 6th grade. (Or maybe 5th.) I started this before I started knitting. I don’t crochet anymore, and my current plan is to finish the blanket in knit log cabin, assuming I can figure out the right gauge.

But I have some others. A Philosopher’s Wool Color-Your -Own cardigan kit, for instance. Or my first lace scarf, a simple enough pattern but the yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze and it nearly drove me crazy, which is why it’s been sitting in my stash for ten (seriously) years. On the other hand, I am a more experienced knitter than I was then. And I have much better needles to choose from. 

And there are others besides these. 

My knitting goal for 2016 is to finish 12 pairs of socks–one per month–in addition to other projects. To do that, I’ll have to knit on the bus. But I also want to clear out my stash this year. I want to knit from stash as much as possible this year. So that’s another goal.

So, what? What should I start (or restart) next?

Today’s knitting

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